Far, far away, in a secret underground research bunker hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where the only sound that can be heard is the quiet clinking of test tubes and the rustling of white lab coats, you will find...

The Laboratory of Integrative Biology

We are currently keeping ourselves busy and out of prison by addressing broad research areas of human physiological function.

We are able to address our research questions by utilizing a variety of research tools and manipulations that include, but are not limited to: magic, pharmacology, hypoxia, sprint interval training, crossing our fingers, ischemic pre-conditioning, induction of anti-oxidant enzymes, nutraceuticals, dietary nitrate, bits of string, microneurography, and voodoo.

We are also available for hire for industry-initiated projects. If you have a physiology problem, we have the technology and the skills to bury the solution forever. No one will ever find it. Kaput! Gone. Problems aren’t meant to be solved, they’re just excuses for laboratory-based mayhem.

Contact Us

Laboratory of Integrative Biology
Human Performance/Clinical Research Lab
Department of Health and Exercise Science
1582 Campus Delivery
Moby B Complex – Room 118
Telephone: 970-491-3495